Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Socratic Method in the use of Vaccines

Have we lived without vaccines before?

Can we live without vaccines now?

What harmful effects have they caused to date?

Have infant/children death rates risen ever since vaccines were approved for them?

What long term studies of vaccines have been conducted to date? Where is the science data behind it?

What happens to a sick person who gets vaccinated and whose immune system is weak due to their current health state?

Is it a fact that a weaker immune system will not be able to fight off the toxic and acidic ingredients in vaccines, but that a strong immune system will? And could this be the reason that some are dying and others are not?

Where are the facts that show us a long term study has been conducted to prove the effectiveness of vaccines in curing or preventing disease or sickness?

Should these studies not be conducted before vaccines are released to the public?

Is it in fact true that vaccines wiped out polio and small pox?

Is my body not already designed to fight off viruses, bacteria and parasites?

If our bodies are designed to fight off viruses, bacteria and parasites…For those who survived vaccinations and are pro vaccination,  why do you believe that vaccines created a stronger immune system after? Is it not the body's normal reaction that actually helped get rid of the toxins from the vaccines, and not the vaccine itself that has brought their immune system back to health over time?

Do some ingredients in vaccines include fetal bovine serum (from pigs, chickens, calves and other animals), embryos, aborted white (Caucasian) female fetus formaldehyde (acid) AND formaldehyde – which poses danger to human health and is described as “known to be a human carcinogen “?

Is carcinogen not an agent directly involved in causing cancer?

Can a person with a weak immune system die or continue to be weakened from a vaccine shot made of formaldehyde?

Is it wiser and more effective (in the short and long term) to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle in order to bring back a weakened immune system to its original healthy state?

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