Friday, February 3, 2017

Drafting a Revolution – A Presentation of the Facts

It was inevitable that, after almost a year of not writing, I would draft such a long post. I have gained so much knowledge and awareness since then, but I struggled in knowing what to do with it. I didn’t know what to do with knowledge I felt could help us and our planet because who would listen? I am no one in the public eye.

 In my spiritual journey, I am constantly being reminded of how our “awareness” is for ourselves. We don’t need to say anything to anyone to convince them to see the same because we understand, and in acceptance there is silence. There is no need to have everyone around you be at the same level of awareness as you so I remained silent. But this is regarding the planet, our food and our health. As I did laundry the other day, I was exposed to toxins because people are too ignorant to know the harmful effects of cleaners. I try to buy fruits and vegetables but there is something clearly wrong with our food. I go to Lakeshore in Toronto and I want to swim, but I can’t. The water is too polluted. I cannot tolerate it anymore and I am not the one producing these toxins.

I am nowhere near where I need to be. I have a lot to learn – for the rest of my life. And as they say, the teachers are all that we meet. But for a while now, I could see the “big picture” - positive ways we can start to grow as a society and learn to be more productive in order to be more effective. It has been extremely painful to watch these protests over the years – how people were being treated inhumanely, but also to find a more effective way to resolve these issues we are all faced with. I know more can be done. It seems protestors are not aware of what a “protest” actually means in law and how ineffective it will be for them, other than to bring it to the public eye, UNLESS they follow up with CONTRACTS.

The following is written keeping in mind the acceptance of all people, cultures and lifestyles. I hope it will not be interpreted any other way. It’s possible I may be misunderstood because the meaning I may have for a word may not be the meaning or experience you know. It’s a miracle we can get along at all. But take a moment to read if you feel the need, keeping in mind what I just said. I will be answering the following questions in no particular order.

1. What do you think a court of law would rule if you presented facts?
2. What do you think our laws are based on?
3. Where is "God" in all of this?

“He ought not to be heard who advances a proposition contrary to the rules of law.” – legal maxim

The notion that a “higher law” transcends the rules enacted by human institutions and that a government is bound by, is known as the Rule of Law. Henry de Bracton, an English judge and scholar from the thirteenth century, wrote that a court's allegiance to the law and to God is above its allegiance to any ruler or lawmaker.

Historically, Natural Law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature to deduce binding rules of moral behavior. It has played an integral role in the development of the Anglo-American system of justice. Justice has been defined in terms of natural rights such as the rights to several properties.

Proponents of divine natural law contend that law must be made to conform to the commands they believe were laid down or inspired by God, or some other deity, who governs according to principles of compassion, truth, and justice.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul, and constitutionalist declared, government is morally obliged to protect human life and private property. Cicero believed natural law comes directly from God. He defined it as "the safety of citizens, the preservation of states, and the tranquility and happiness of human life." Natural law supported the health and well-being of society because it was only in a healthy, peaceful society that individuals could achieve "happiness"—contentment and purpose.

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Courts recognize various events as acts of God—tornadoes, earthquakes, death, extraordinarily high tides, violent winds, and floods. This is why in a court of law, any damage or loss of private property in a natural disaster, which is seen as an act of God, cannot be compensated for. Many insurance policies for property damage exclude from their protection damage caused by acts of God.

The Declaration of Independence relies crucially upon natural law as a premise.

“If the first and final role of natural law in the Declaration is to explain the independence of the United States from the perspective of the law of nations, its second and central function is to ground the theory of God-given rights and man-made government that comprises its most memorable passage, justifying not only independence but revolution.”

In the Great Irish Famine, some felt that providing food for sale in all districts, under all circumstances, should be left to the foresight and enterprise of private sellers.

"The laws of commerce were seen as the laws of God and demanded unswerving obedience. But others argued, overwhelmingly in moral terms, that in the cataclysmic Irish circumstances these laws should be either modified or even completely disregarded, maintaining, like Bishop Hughes of New York, that ‘the rights of life are dearer and higher than those of property’. "

“Commercial law, also known as business law or corporate law is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law. “ - Wikipedia

Canadian Encyclopedia meaning: Commercial law is that branch of private law concerned primarily with the supply of goods or services by merchants and other businesses for profit.

Best meaning I found: Commercial Law is a “War of Truth” expressed in the form of an intellectual weapon called an Affidavit.

Based on this concept of “War of truth”, a revolution can be expressed and resolved on paper. Interestingly enough, everything that gets approved or passed in law is expressed on paper.

“The foundation of Commercial Law is based upon certain universal, eternally just, valid, moral precepts and truths. The basis of Commercial Law is the Law of Exodus (i.e. The 10 Commandments) of the Old Testament and Judaic (Mosaic) Orthodox Hebrew Commercial law. The Laws of Commerce have remained unchanged for at least six thousand years and form the basis of western civilization, if not all nations. This law of commerce therefore applies universally throughout the world.”

As an example, I will focus on the current issues at hand in regards to the Dakota Access Pipeline that is intended on being built.

First off, I have realized there’s no time and no point in blaming or pointing fingers when most people are completely ignorant to the damage they cause. Everything is energy and that is a waste of energy. Our energy absolutely has to go into solving problems and action towards that.

There have been thousands of people who have attended or are still at Standing Rock Indian Reservation protesting the pipeline. Although the protests were effective in bringing attention, it is now time for action. Law is all paper work. Action means paper work.

Again – ‘Commercial Law is a “War of Truth” expressed in the form of an intellectual weapon called an Affidavit.

Now I don’t know exactly what they are doing to make sure this pipeline does not get built, aside from the protests, so I may be suggesting a plan that could actually already be in action. But if it’s not, try to organize these thousands of people so that you identify key persons such as lawyers, judges, ministers, ambassadors, scientists, urban planners, engineers and so on. We need to reach out to people from different sectors and start drafting up these contracts, in the form of Affidavits, which outline FACTS about the damage this pipeline will do to the environment and also the alternatives the company who wants to build the pipeline can have. What is their purpose? What are their alternatives? Which can benefit both and bring profit to both? One would presume that they have the facts or they would not be protesting.

It is not going to go down well if anyone gets forced to do something they don’t want to do. These corporations don’t want to lose money. If they are not intelligent enough to hire the right people who should come up with ways to improve their business ethics, there’s no harm in us assisting. In other words, can we provide them with an alternative to satisfy BOTH parties? I think if we can show everyone visually, on paper, the facts about our environment, it can make an impact on them. Most lack the knowledge of short and long term effects of the products they sell. Their own families are dying from cancer that was caused by the toxic products they have developed and sold. But the profits from their business are feeding their family so they must see they can still make the same or more money with better business practices. The people working in factories need jobs so we can’t just shut the factories down. I believe the key is to satisfy both parties. If it’s fuel energy they want, show them the alternatives (green energy).

Everything I try to share with others is all based on years of research and facts. What I can read and learn in 5 minutes, took someone a lifetime to realize. We have vast knowledge at our hands now.

Set aside a group of people, preferably lawyers, to complete an administrative process. Get Default Judgement by Notaries, who have the power of a judge, in order to stop any action that will hurt us or our planet and to implement new ideas towards a healthier planet.

When you do an administrative process with a lawyer and an affidavit is sent out, the receiving party has a 30 days grace period in which to rebut (prove to the contrary). If they do not respond, then the Notary Public issues a Notice of Default and a Notarial protest. These have the same effect as a court judgement because Notaries have the power of a judge. Judges grant a Default Judgment when one party to a lawsuit fails to do something that is required. In this example, it would be failing to provide proof to the contrary. Notarial Protest can be used to prove the dishonor of a commercial transaction, one that involves a billing by a “corporate” entity.

An excellent example of a starting point is the open letter that was submitted at the 1999 World Trade Organization Conference in Seattle, by over 800 scientists from around the world, where they express their concern about the dangers of GMO. If they had completed an administrative process, if this letter was put together in the form of an affidavit, stating the facts about the harmful effects of GMOs and sent to the Minister of Agriculture (Canada) or Secretary of Agriculture (USA) asking them to fulfill their duties in either (1) implementing the changes necessary due to the facts, or (2) to rebut the facts and prove to the contrary, which honestly, they cannot. It's either fact or fiction. We are not presenting them with our opinion; it is facts based on years of studies and our current state. It is facts that have been collected by professionals in their industry.

In seeking “relief” due to the default of one of the parties, the “holder” of a judgment may seize the personal property, including bank accounts and vehicles, of the person against whom the judgment has been made. In this case, GMOs would have to stop being used on our food system because we have proven that it has negative short and long term effects. And again, we can provide with alternatives for the opposing party in order to satisfy all parties and work together in this world. For recognizing and enforcing a judgment of a court of another country, a court of one state will enforce a Foreign Judgment. The judgment must be brought to the judicial tribunals of the second state for implementation, allowing the judicial tribunal of the enforcing state to examine the judgment and determine whether it should be recognized and enforced.

The courts are there to solve disputes based on facts. Presenting the facts and completing an Administrative Process with a Notary Public saves court time and money.

The people who are ordering or forcing people away from Standing Rock Indian Reservation are receiving orders based on a judgement on paper. Another contract can exist, forcing them to evacuate -not the people - but the machinery that will start the build of the pipeline, it will be a success. This is possible. Get the judgement on paper that they must abide by. They are only abiding by the current contract that stands, that was clearly drafted by ignorant people seeking profit, otherwise it would not have been approved.

But it’s important to keep in mind the acceptance of all types of people and lifestyles, whether corporate or not. We cannot have a world that is one sided. We can focus on what we want and make our own choices according to our lifestyle choice, but should not impose our beliefs or lifestyle on others if it is different than our own. Stay away from things or people you do not resonate with. We do not need to be concerned that someone else chooses to live differently.

Corporations can still exist within a healthier planet. It’s all profit. They will not want to make changes if they lose money but I believe they would make any changes that will give them the same or more profit for choosing to be an honest business that is not affecting our planet or others negatively.

Categories to consider:
Health/Medicine, Food, Education, Agriculture, Urban planning, Housing/Real Estate
People to gather: Notaries, Lawyers, Business, Government Agents such as Police Officers, Judges, Engineers and Ministers

I would recommend not blaming the government anymore for our problems. I am trying to show that we have power to implement new things in order to grow as a society. Our time has to be managed better, not getting upset but instead redirect that energy into action by producing these necessary contracts that state FACTS and can help our planet and our food system. History has shown us the error of our ways. Let’s start urban farming, get funding for more community centers and recreation for kids, so they are no forced to rebel because you are not considering them as a part of society. As an example, if a new mall is built, a new skate park should be built. When a new condo is built, an old run down building should be converted to living spaces for affordable housing or homeless. There’s so much possibilities and it’s so clear.

I’ll end on this note - Educate yourselves and learn to protect yourself and your family. If someone is down on their luck, help them.

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